Soul Genesis™ Training

Soul Genesis™ Training

Have you ever wondered what compels you to serve others in the transformation of their lives?

Imagine having the tools to enable others to discover their true destiny. Soul Genesis™ Training Level 1 Certificate shows the way and can easily blend with your current practice

It will give you the ability to meet your client’s needs multidimensionally and clear their soul path.

Soul Genesis™  Training Level 1 Certificate is masterful at pinpointing the true essence of who you really are. Soul Genesis clearings are designed for individual needs and clears the slate for moving forward in life.

Soul Genesis™ will stir your soul on a personal level and as a practitioner.

If you are called to embrace this energy of connectedness and share it with the world, then Soul Genesis™ is for you.


Pre Requisite:

An understanding of Akashic Records and dowsing or muscle testing

You will:

Receive training and a certificate to perform readings and clearings for personal use.

Level 1 Content Includes:

+ Discovery Through Soul Origination
+ Shadow Energy Soul Groups
+ Reading Akashic Records
+ Dowsing 101
+ Connection With Spirit Guides
+ Training In The Archangel Realms
+ Other Types Of Trainings On “The Other Side”
+ Transitional and Destiny Gateways
+ Possible Energy Blockages
+ Eternal Patterns
+ Soul Wound Themes
+ Channeling Messages From The Divine
+ Monosoulism VS Soul Shifting
+ Property and Building Clearing (not part of an initial reading but is included in Level1 instruction)


November 10th and 11th, 2018

8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

178 Harbour Rd.

Witless Bay, NL, A0A 4K0




For Certification Internship Program


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