Soul Genesis Testimonials

  • I can't say enough great things about Soul Genesis work as a modality for working with self and others. Judith Royle is on my speed dial and one of my 'go-to' guides whenever I am stumped or stuck and the results I've experienced personally have been nothing short of miraculous. This training is a wonderful opportunity to experience Soul Genesis and get to know yourself at a MUCH deeper level and with the option to complete an internship it's a wonderful modality to have to work with others also. I highly recommend taking advantage of the opportunity to learn Soul Genesis while Judith is in Ontario!

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  • Mark Brown

    "I have known Judith personally for a few years now and she has shown herself to be a truly wise, and gifted healer and teacher. She meets you where you are and that is a gift. I have just finished my second Soul Genesis session with Judith, and it came at a high processing part of my life. Both sessions have helped me to be clear on my intentions and who I am. Judith creates a space of relaxed openness where truth can flow and blockages can clear. Thanks for being real!"

  • Barbara

    "I wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful training weekend. I have observed your passion for your work for over 10 years, this weekend I got to experience why. I have always been on the receiving end of the process and knew how much of a difference it has made in my life. I never would have grown in the positive empowered way I have without the assistance of Soul Genesis clearing my Soul's path of all the debris cluttering it. After receiving the training I understand the power behind the process, how brilliant it is and fitting all the pieces together the way it does is truly remarkable. I am so filled with gratitude for Spirit revealing the work, for your passion and commitment to the work as a practitioner and as a teacher sharing it to the world in the wonderful way you do, and now for the opportunity to have this in my practice to assist my community on their Soul path journey. Thank you, thank you, thank you Hugs and Love"

  • Jeneva Bell

    Co-Founder/Inventor - Ruggable® 2-Piece Rug System

    "I've had experience with various healing techniques and can say with confidence that Soul Genesis gets to the crux of the issue. No wonder - it's healing at the soul level! No matter how much we try to deal with our minds, something within our soul's DNA can be what's holding us back. Judy is an expert at using her intuition along with the fine-tuned method of Soul Genesis to identify what is blocking you and what needs to be cleared and rebalanced. In life we always have new challenges, but I'm so happy not to be stuck with the same old problems. I've progressed so much as a result of this work."

  • P.P.

    “Loved talking to you today, I realized just how much I missed seeing and chatting with you this past week. It is just not natural to go that long without some kind of contact. You remind me of the most powerful, sweet, intelligent woman I ever had the honour of knowing and being nurtured paternal grandmother. Don't let the term "grandmother" mislead you, it is not about is about the wisdom, resolve and masterful attitude that comes along with age that I admire about you and have come to rely on. Know that I am comforted by you and am so happy you are seeing me grow everyday I work with you on Soul Genesis."

  • Sandra Sampson

    "I consider myself fortunate to have met Judith Royle at a pivotal time in my life. The soul genesis reading and clearing was a life altering experience for me. The reading pin-pointed specific obstacles that had been weighing me down for most of my life with remarkable accuracy. In knowing the source of my misguided beliefs I was able to release and renew my belief systems. Now I can choose to believe in what serves my highest potential. The clearing process had a remarkable healing effect for my mind, body and spirit. In the months following the reading and clearing I noticed a great deal of positive changes in my life, both personally and professionally. I was able to move forward in my career with renewed energy and take inspired action towards my dreams. My experience with Soul Genesis was so remarkable that I was filled with curiosity about my family’s history. My kids readings helped me to solidify my parenting strategy for each of my two children. It truly was a great gift as a parent. If you have ever wondered about your mind, body, spirit connection and if there is a higher purpose to your life then I highly recommend a Soul Genesis reading and clearing."

  • Casey Combden

    "My curiosity was satiated with an impactful soulful reading from Judith. Healing my soul first and releasing my personal blockages through a Soul Genesis Reading and Clearing has amplified the current work I am doing with results and success with a deeper understanding. The curiosity that was piqued prior to my soul Genesis readings is what got me there. What continues to excite me about Soul Genesis is the opportunity to heal my soul first, release personal  blockages and amplify my future work."

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