Soul Genesis™ Internship Program

Soul Genesis™ Internship Program

Become A Soul Genesis Intern

Soul Genesis™ internship program is a required component for those intending to become certified as a Soul Genesis™ Practitioner. The internship program combines on-the-job training with one-one coaching and mentoring by Judith Royle, Master Trainer and Founder of Soul Genesis™.



Successful completion of the two day intensive Soul Genesis™ level one training.

As a Certified Soul Genesis™ Practitioner You Are Entitled To:

+ Charge $125.00+ for a Reading and Clearing session
+ Perform Level One Readings and Clearings
+ Consult internationally (fee can be adjusted according to the current market)

Program Features & Benefits:

+ One-one coaching and mentoring to build confidence and accuracy in readings and clearings
+ Logo and marketing material to create individual website/brochures
+ Mentoring and clearing of personal and professional blockages benefitting from Judith’s expertise in a variety of modalities providing a clear energy field for healing work with others.
+ Higher standard of personal and professional expectations of self
+ Ongoing exposure to intellectual property of Soul Genesis™
+ Understand your own soul’s awakening in order to help others
+ Ongoing mentorship in how to build a Soul Genesis™ clientele
+ Understand at a deeper level your concerns for your own spiritual development

Enhanced Understanding of the Following Sections:

+ Dowsing 101
+ Reading Akashic Records
+ Soul Discovery and Origination
+ Training In Archangel Realms
+ Connecting With Spirit Guides And Their Role in Spiritual Development
+ The School Of Life On “The Other Side”
+ Shadow Energy and Archetypes
+ Eternal Patterns
+ Channeling Messages
+ Transition and Destiny Gateways
+ Identifying and Clearing Energy Blockages

Program Details

3 Month intensive Program Includes:

  • Weekly phone or Skype one-on-one sessions with Judith
  • Students have the option of accelerating advancement depending on competency and performance
  • Review process for each reading and clearing completed
  • Review of accuracy of information from Akashic Records
  • Students may collect information from 3-4 perspective clients for review and debriefing in a single mentoring session
  • Students must demonstrate a commitment to the program and integrity towards perspective clients as determined by mentor

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