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About Soul Genesis™

Have you ever wondered what is your soul’s purpose?

Have you ever noticed a theme has emerged as your life experiences have unfolded?

Imagine the doors that would open for you if you knew.

And, in knowing your Soul’s purpose you would be far more empowered to find health, happiness, peace, success and abundance. Soul Genesis™ is an opportunity for you to understand the patterns that have evolved over time in your past lives and present life, through intimate soul coaching and guidance.

Your physical life here on earth interweaves with your spiritual world. Soul Genesis™ connects you to a new field of opportunities that may currently be out of your awareness.

It is a process of awakening that introduces you to your truth in the present, living out this life time as you move forward. Discovering a new awareness of your soul’s path will lead you to understand and know intimately the core essence of who you truly are.

Soul Genesis™ is for you if:

+ You feel stuck and you are spinning your wheels
+ You are at a crossroads in your life
+ You feel there is something missing in your life
+ Changes in your life are challenging and need specific guidance and direction
+ Every day seems to be a struggle

A Soul Genesis™ reading and clearing will:

+ Pinpoint and clear obstacles that have been standing in your way.
+ Validate or offer caution on your current path.
+ Provide insight and clarity on current challenges.
+ Offer peace and comfort amidst the chaos.
+ Freedom to move forward without limitations.
+ Clears debilitating negative energy.
+ Restores balance in relationships.
+ Reveals the core essence of who you truly are.
+ Be infused with a deeper confidence in your talents and abilities
+ Experience moving from suffering to joy
+ Creates amazing pivotal life changes.


A message from your Masters Teachers, Guides and Angels will be given with clearings. To complete this session you will receive a prayer of hope, nurturing and peace for the soul. If you feel a natural draw to these possibilities, then book an appointment in person, Skype or phone.

An audio file will be sent to you of the information revealed and a clearing will be performed.



Advanced awareness and clarification of the 10 sections of the reading:


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