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Founder of Soul Genesis - Judy Royle

The Journey to Connecting Soulful Awareness

Welcome to Soul Genesis, are you ready to begin your journey?

When I look back on my path that led to my connection to Soul Genesis, it reinforces the notion that life is one synchronistic event after another. I remember registering for a weekend workshop on connecting with spirit guides in a small town in Northern Ontario. What brought the originator of Soul Genesis, Venessa Ralston from Sedona Arizona to this location still mystifies me. Her skills in connecting with the metaphysical world were impressive and I longed to learn more from her after that weekend. I also had a desire to take the Master and Advanced levels of Reiki in the mecca of spirituality, Sedona. It occurred to me that it would be a dream come true to be able to access this learning opportunity during the two week period scheduled for my trip. Sure enough, the Universe aligned and everything fell into place. It would be the first I travelled on my own and it required renting a car and driving two hours from Phoenix to Sedona. The desire to realize this dream outweighed my fear of getting lost and I haven’t look back on a challenge since then.

I was compelled to embrace this sacred journey of healing with Soul Genesis and incorporate it into how I might serve the world. That was fifteen years ago and my teacher and mentor who is now Venna Bosma, looked back over time and we agreed, this surely has been my soul destiny. As I am now the owner and proprietor of the rights of Soul Genesis, the timing is perfect. The information that is revealed by the Akashic Records, the connection to the core essence of who we are and the clearing that is provided allows us to discover our authentic selves and be all that we were meant to be.

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    “Loved talking to you today, I realized just how much I missed seeing and chatting with you this past week. It is just not natural to go that long without some kind of contact. You remind me of the most powerful, sweet, intelligent woman I ever had the honour of knowing and being nurtured by....my paternal grandmother. Don't let the term "grandmother" mislead you, it is not about age...it is about the wisdom, resolve and masterful attitude that comes along with age that I admire about you and have come to rely on. Know that I am comforted by you and am so happy you are seeing me grow everyday I work with you on Soul Genesis."